Pulse Jet Bin Vent to handle up to 750 CFM, includes four (4) 39" long pleated filters.
Unit of Measure


Media Per Filter (SF)

N/A 39

Airflow Range

N/A Up to 750 ft³/min

Number of Filters

N/A 4

Filter Length

N/A 39 in

Filter Area

N/A 156 ft²

Filter Diameter

N/A 6.25 in

Airflow at 3:1 Air to Cloth Ratio

N/A 468 ft³/min

Airflow at 4:1 Air to Cloth Ratio

N/A 624 ft³/min

Airflow at 5:1 Air to Cloth Ratio

N/A 780 ft³/min

Airflow at 6:1 Air to Cloth Ratio

N/A 936 ft³/min

Housing Material Thickness

N/A 10 gauge12 gauge

Weight for 12 Gauge Thickness

N/A 510 lb

Weight for 10 Gauge Thickness

N/A 570 lb

Note for Weight

N/A Weight including Fan


N/A In-Stock

Baghouse Dimensions

A: Length of Unit (Excluding Fan Support Arm)

N/A 28 in

B: Width of Unit

N/A 28 in

C: Height of Bin Vent (Excluding Mating Flange)

N/A 52 in

H: Fan Support Arm Length

N/A 20 in

Additional Information

Additional Information

  • High Efficiency Filter Media: Media options that remove 99.99+% of dust particulate
  • Low Energy Requirements: On-Demand Cleaning allows for minimal compressed air usage by pulse only when need, this minimized energy costs and wear on filters.
  • Low maintenance-Demand Cleaning minimizes wear on filters and pulse valves reducing the need for maintenance. All maintenance is done from outside the bin vent or from the clean air side of the unit allowing for quick and easy changeouts.
  • Quick Installation: Units are shipped ready to install. The mating flange makes installing on silos or bins easy, just weld the mating flange in place and bolt bin vent to mating flange.
  • Freestanding unit: Hopper, leg and support package available to convert bin vent to a compact freestanding dust collector.
Bin vents are a compact and economical way to filter and vent displaced air from enclosed areas such as silos, bins, mixers, blenders, and other similar systems. USAF bin vents include a pulse jet cleaning system equipped with on-demand cleaning to ensure efficient operation with minimal maintenance.



N/A Further baghouse dimensional information available. Call for details.